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Iceland 🇮🇸

-4°C / 7°C

You drive on the right side of the road in Iceland

Driving in Iceland 🇮🇸

Side of the road that you drive on Right
Side of the Road that Pedestrians walk on Right
Side of car where the wheel is located Left
Should you consider renting a car? Yes
Minimum Age requirement for driving 20 years
Maximum Age requirement for driving no age limit years
Is a local license required?(from your home country) Yes
Is an International Driving Permit Required? Yes
Do you need a license in English language? No
What kind of terrain should you be prepared for? All terrain/snow/hills
What kind of weather should you be prepared for? Summer/winter/snow
What is the preferred type of car driven? Sedan/snow tyres/chains on snow hills
Speed Limits when not listed specifically 50 k mph
Speed Limits when driving in city 50 kmph
Speed Limits when driving on the Highway/Freeway 90 kmph
What are some Map Apps you can use Google maps
Is it considered OK to horn? Yes
Continent Europe
Region Europe
Subregion Northern europe
Major Airports For Car Rentals Reykjavik keflavik
Official Sites you can refer to
Major Car Rentals Reykjavik